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This page describes drv-netif-dpdk.

drv-netif-dpdk is a DPDK network interface for rump kernels. The combined result is a TCP/IP stack doing packet I/O via DPDK.

in diagram form:

    |    application process     |
    || rump kernel (TCP/IP etc.)||
    || drv-netif-dpdk (dpdkif)  ||
    || DPDK                     ||


The simple version is as follows:

  • ./

To test, try running rump/bin/webbrowser.

By default, the build will use the DPDK submodule in this repository. You can also choose another DPDK installation, just set $RTE_SDK and $RTE_TARGET differently. You can now link and use the DPDK interface driver (librumpnet_dpdkif, -lrumpnet_dpdkif) into applications.

Using the revision of DPDK included as a submodule is highly recommended. It is possible to use another version of DPDK, but in that case be aware that the combination may not be tested, and you should prepare to debug and fix any resulting problems yourself.

For more information on how to use the resulting userspace TCP/IP stack, see e.g. the repo or To portably configure the TCP/IP stack, using rumpctrl is recommended. There are some very simple examples in the examples directory.

NOTE: To successfully use the TCP/IP stack, you must have the host correctly configured for running DPDK. This means you have to the appropriate host kernel configurations set and the necessary kernel modules loaded. These steps are not documented here. Consult DPDK documentation.

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