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This page describes rump-pktgenif.

Rump-pktgenif is a test tool meant for measuring and improving performance with packets traveling both up and down the stack. The intent is that eventually it can be used especially in conjuction with multicore scenarios.

Note: rump-pktgenif is a developer tool not meant for end users.

How to build & run

The tool depends on and rumpctrl. After you have those prerequisites built and installed, you can compile the tool by running rumpmake (located in the tooldir in the build). Then, copy tool/ to tool/ and edit the path of RUMPRUNDIR in that file. After this, you are ready to run the tool.

Supported modes

The mode is given as the last parameter on the command line.

  • send: application does sendto(), sink is interface
  • recv: interface generates packets, sink is application recvfrom()
  • route: L3 forwarding


  • -b: burst size for packet generation
  • -c: number of packets to generate or syscalls to execute (depends on mode). 0 == infinite
  • -p: number of parallel operations to run (i.e. "multicore support"). Available only for "route" for now
  • -r: location of rc script to configure networking stack (default: ./
  • -s: packet or I/O size
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