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P2P GRPC Chat Client

Simple Golang implementation of a p2p chat client.

To install

1 - Clone the repo

$ git clone

2 - cd into cmd/server and cmd/client and run go build

$ go build .

To run the server

Run multiple servers in different terminal windows with host and peer flags

./server --host <host>:<port> --peer <host>:<port>

$ ./server --host localhost:50050 --peer localhost:50051 

To run the client

Run multiple clients in different terminal windows with host flags, client should connect to one of the opened servers from the previous step

./client --host <host>:<port>

$ ./client --host localhost:50050

To start chatting

  1. Send messages through the client window
  2. Message will be delivered to the corresponding Server window.
  3. Server will connect to its peers and then deliver the message to them
  4. Messages will show in the other Server screens.

Known bugs

  1. Logs appear in the Server screen along with the chat messages
  2. If a peer disconnects and comes back, it will be still connected to the previous peers

Technology Used

  1. Go
  2. GRPC



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