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use strict;
use warnings;
use Prima qw(Application CaptureStdOut);
# A simple test of CaptureStdOut
my $window = Prima::MainWindow->new(
text => 'Simpe REPL',
width => 600,
my $capture = $window->insert(CaptureStdOut =>
pack => { expand => 1, fill => 'both' },
$capture->set(font => { name => 'monospace' });
# Activate the capture
$capture->note_printout("This is a note");
$capture->printerr('This will always be correctly caught');
print "long line " x 30, "\n";
print "This is captured text!\n";
print "This is also captured text!\n";
print "fileno for currently selected file handle is ", fileno(select), "\n";
print STDERR "This will probably be captured in an error window\n";
warn "This is a captured warning\n";
warn "This is also a captured warning\n";
$capture->command_printout('This is a command!');
print "And this text is not captured\n";
warn "And this warning is not captured\n";
run Prima;