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use strict;
use warnings;
use Module::Build;
# check that nvcc is present and available
my $nvcc_version = `nvcc -V`;
$nvcc_version =~ /NVIDIA/ or die "You must have nvcc (from nVidia's CUDA Toolkit) installed\n";
# check that we have access cl.exe if we're on a Windows system. (I suppose I
# should also check for gcc on Linux machines, but I don't expect that to ever
# be lacking.)
use Config;
if ($Config{osname} =~ /MSWin/) {
my $cl_version = `cl /help`;
$cl_version =~ /Microsoft/
or die ("You must have cl.exe (Microsoft's compiler) installed\n"
. "in order to run ExtUtils::nvcc\n");
# Warn if they have cl.exe but used gcc to compile perl
warn "You used gcc to compile perl, but nvcc will use cl.exe; proceed with caution\n"
if $Config{cc} eq 'gcc';
my $build = Module::Build->new
module_name => 'ExtUtils::nvcc',
# Didn't think this next line was necessary...
# dist_version_from => 'ExtUtils::nvcc',
license => 'perl',