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Machines are demand-driven coroutines. They are similar to Pipes, Conduits, or Iteratees, but can support inputs of arbitrary complexity and are entirely pure. Instead of having monadic effects of its own, a Machine can be driven by a Driver which can have effects when feeding the Machine input or when reading its output.

You design a Machine by writing a Plan. You then compile the machine if it is to run once to completion, or designate it to run repeatedly. Plan provides a monadic API for building machines, but Machines themselves do not form a monad.

Simple machines that read from one input source are called a Process and processes form a Category. More generally you can attach a Process to the output of any type of Machine, yielding a new Machine.

More complicated machines provide other ways of connecting to them.

Binary packages available at https://bintray.com/runarorama/maven/machines