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  - Social Network Hub

Social Network Authentication is an Elixir/Erlang project created to make marketing and publishing on social network easy. The targeted customers are the small and medium size companies who don't have resources to have marketing team or don't have time with communication.


The main objective of this project is to create an easy way to send social network on different platform with only one entry-point.

The second objective is to create a platform where all Social Network could be supported and added easily by the creators avec of the new SN or the community.

The third objective is to give the opportunity to the user to take the control of their data easily by offering an easy way to get all posted information in one place and reuse them on other social network.

Finally, the last objective is to optimize the marketing on social network without marketing team.

How to run it

By default the service runs only on http://localhost:4000. If you want to set another port or hostname you can alter global variables.

mix phx.server
PORT=8000 mix phx.server

How to debug it

iex -S mix phx.server

How to compile it

mix deps.get
mix compile

How to test it

This project only support unit testing.

mix test

How to build documentation

Documentation will be available in doc.

mix docs



Client Libraries

The RunAs team maintain a number of officially supported client libraries.



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