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Gatsby Theme UltronEle with demo

UltronEle, the world’s fastest LMS engine, this repo is a Gatsby theme package for the UltronEle

It includes:

  • a UltronEle theme (located in theme/) that includes core framework/page generators
  • a demo site (located in demo/) that installs the theme
  • a Yarn workspaces configuration so the theme and demo can be worked on simultaneously

How to use this repo

  1. Fork this repo.

  2. Get the theme set up locally.

    # clone the repo
    git clone
    # move into the directory
    cd gatsby-theme-ultronele
    # install dependencies
  3. Start the demo site.

    yarn workspace demo develop

    The demo will start at http://localhost:8000

    NOTE: If you’re new to Yarn workspaces, check out this post for details.

More information

  • product official site is here
  • product hunt page is here

Contribution is Welcome

if you like this product, and want to find something new to practice reactjs coding, please join me! UltronEle is in early cultivation stage, it may be a fresh and interesting experience to witness it growing to a successful product.

For the ReactJS developer

  • fork this repository
  • made your modifications or improvements
  • request a PR
  • notify me by email: lwz7512[at]
  • invite you to join collaborators

For the Content producer

  • planning your courses that you want to be itegrated to this product permanently
  • send your .pdf/.docx/images/videos to my email
  • reorganize the content to the source file and publish
  • give you credit by recording you to the contributer list


Gatsby Theme for UltronEle - the Fastest Elearning Engine in the world






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