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This organization was marked as archived by an administrator on Oct 2, 2023. It is no longer maintained.


  1. citadel citadel Public archive

    Citadel - free and open-source Lightning node and home server

    134 6

  2. manager manager Public archive

    Citadel system API

    TypeScript 8 2

  3. core core Public archive

    We've moved to GitLab.

    Shell 51 11

  4. dev-tools dev-tools Public archive

    Tools for developing Citadel, replaced by app-cli

    TypeScript 5 2

  5. middleware middleware Public archive

    Lightweight Lightning backend for Citadel, will soon be part of the main API.

    TypeScript 7 2

  6. utils utils Public archive

    Common utilities for our backend

    TypeScript 3


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