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User Personas

  • Dreamer - The dreamer is a person who has dreams, and wants to record and share them with the world.
  • Voyeur - The voyeur is a person who likes to read about other people's dreams. This person is interested in how dreams affect the world and how the world affects dreams.
  • Admin - The admin wants to make sure all the recorded dreams are safe and happy.

Completed Features

  • Accounts
    • Create a dreamer account
    • Change password

Future Features

  • Dreams
    • Recording a new dream
    • Showing a list of dreams
    • Attach images/files to a dream
    • Automatic markdown formatting
    • Safe html formatting
  • Tags
    • Editing tags on a dream
    • Browsing dreams by tags
    • Searching for dreams that match tag(s)
  • Searching
    • Finding dreams with certain text
    • Finding with certain tags
    • Finding dreams for a certain user
    • Finding dreams for a date range
  • RSS Feeds
    • For a user
    • For a tag
    • For a date
  • Accounts
    • Change account preferences
    • Delete a dreamer account
  • Design
    • Ported design from dreamtagger
    • iPhone-friendly stylesheet
  • API
    • Access dream data with an API key
  • Tracking
    • Customized latest dreams by search terms
  • Email
    • Submit a dream by email
    • Receive notifications about new dreams for a search term (person/tag/text)
  • Infrastructure/Performance
    • Asset Packaging
    • Page Caching
    • Cookie-less Media Domains
    • Error Reporting
    • SSL Enforcement
    • Analytics
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