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List callbacks registered to a given action or filter
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List callbacks registered to a given action or filter.

runcommand open source Build Status

Quick links: Using | Installing | Support


wp hook <hook> [--fields=<fields>] [--format=<format>]
wp hook wp_enqueue_scripts --fields=callback,location
| callback                                       | location                                    |
| wp_localize_jquery_ui_datepicker()             | wp-includes/script-loader.php:928           |
| rest_register_scripts()                        | runcommand-theme/lib/rest-api/extras.php:22 |
| runcommand\Assets->action_wp_enqueue_scripts() | runcommand-theme/inc/class-assets.php:21    |


	The name of the action or filter.

	Limit the output to specific fields. Defaults to all fields.

	List callbacks as a table, JSON, CSV, or YAML.
	default: table
	  - table
	  - json
	  - csv
	  - yaml


These fields are displayed by default for each callback:

  • callback - a human-friendly name for the callback
  • location - where the callback is defined in the codebase
  • priority - order in which the callback will be executed
  • accepted_args - number of arguments to be passed to the callback


Installing this package requires WP-CLI v0.23.0 or greater. Update to the latest stable release with wp cli update.

Once you've done so, you can install this package with wp package install runcommand/hook.


This WP-CLI package is free for anyone to use. Support, including usage questions and feature requests, is available to paying runcommand customers.

Think you’ve found a bug? Before you create a new issue, you should search existing issues to see if there’s an existing resolution to it, or if it’s already been fixed in a newer version. Once you’ve done a bit of searching and discovered there isn’t an open or fixed issue for your bug, please create a new issue with description of what you were doing, what you saw, and what you expected to see.

Want to contribute a new feature? Please first open a new issue to discuss whether the feature is a good fit for the project. Once you've decided to work on a pull request, please include functional tests and follow the WordPress Coding Standards.

runcommand customers can also email for private support.

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