Pipe all Rundeck log output to a Logstash server
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Rundeck Logstash Plugin

This is a simple Rundeck streaming Log Writer plugin that will pipe all log output to a Logstash server by writing Json to a TCP port. For Rundeck version 1.6.0 or later.


Copy the LogstashPlugin.groovy to your $RDECK_BASE/libext/ directory for Rundeck.

Enable the plugin in your rundeck-config.properties file:


Configure Rundeck

The plugin supports these configuration properties:

  • host - hostname of the logstash server
  • port - TCP port to send JSON data to

You can update the your framework/project.properties file to set these configuration values:

in framework.properties:


or in project.properties:


Configure Logstash

Add a TCP input that uses Json format data. Here is an example rundeck-logstash.conf:

input {
  tcp {
    debug => true 
    format => "json"
    host => "localhost"
    message_format => "%{message}"
    mode => server
    port => 9700
    #ssl_cacert => ... # a valid filesystem path (optional)
    #ssl_cert => ... # a valid filesystem path (optional)
    #ssl_enable => ... # boolean (optional), default: false
    #ssl_key => ... # a valid filesystem path (optional)
    #ssl_key_passphrase => ... # password (optional), default: nil
    #ssl_verify => ... # boolean (optional), default: false
    tags => ["rundeck"]
    type => "rundeck"


output { 
  stdout { }

  elasticsearch { embedded => true }

Start Logstash

Use the config file when starting logstash.

java -jar ../logstash-1.1.13-flatjar.jar agent -f rundeck-logstash.conf -- web --backend elasticsearch://localhost/