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Rundeck Vault Storage Plugin


This is a Storage Backend plugin for storing Key Store data in Vault.

This plugin is bundled with Rundeck Enterprise. It is also available to Community users following the install steps below.

Community Installation

  • Download and start Rundeck. It will automatically create the necessary directories.
  • Clone this repository. Build using gradle wrapper:
      ./gradlew clean build
  • Drop rundeck-vault-plugin-<version>.jar to libext/ under Rundeck installation directory.
  • Restart Rundeck.


Add the settings to $RDECK_BASE/etc/

  • prefix: Vault Prefix in Vault secret backend[index].config.prefix=rundeck

  • address: Vault Address of the Vault server[index].config.address=https://vaultURL:8200

  • authBackend: Vault Authentication backend[index].config.authBackend=authBackend

Default value: token

Allowed values: approle, cert, github, token, userpass

  • token: Vault authentication token. Required, if authentication backend is 'token'[index].config.token=xxxxxx

  • username: User name. Required for user/password and LDAP authentication backend[index].config.username=username
  • password: Password. Required for user/password and LDAP authentication backend[index].config.password=password
  • approleId: AppRole role ID. The role-id used for authentication[index].config.approleId=approleId
  • approleSecretId: AppRole secret ID. The secret-id used for authentication[index].config.approleSecretId=approleSecretId
  • approleAuthMount: AppRole mount name. The mount name of the AppRole authentication back end[index].config.approleAuthMount=approleAuthMount
  • githubToken: GitHub token. The app-id used for authentication[index].config.githubToken=githubToken
  • keyStoreFile: Key store file A Java keystore, containing a client certificate that's registered with Vault's TLS Certificate auth backend.[index].config.keyStoreFile=/path/keyfile
  • keyStoreFilePassword: Key store password The password needed to access the keystore[index].config.keyStoreFilePassword=/path/keyStoreFilePassword
  • trustStoreFile: Truststore file. A JKS truststore file, containing the Vault server's X509 certificate[index].config.trustStoreFile=/path/trustStoreFile
  • pemFile: PEM file. The path of a file containing an X.509 certificate, in unencrypted PEM format with UTF-8 encoding.[index].config.pemFile=/path/pemFile
  • clientPemFile: Client PEM file. The path of a file containing an X.509 certificate, in unencrypted PEM format with UTF-8 encoding.[index].config.clientPemFile=/path/clientPemFile
  • clientKeyPemFile: Client key PEM file. The path of a file containing an RSA private key, in unencrypted PEM format with UTF-8 encoding.[index].config.clientKeyPemFile=/path/clientKeyPemFile
  • validateSsl: Enable/Disable SSL validation. Specifies whether SSL validation is to be performed[index].config.validateSsl=true/false

Default value: true

  • maxRetries: Max retries. Maximum number of connection retries to Vault server[index].config.maxRetries=5

Default value: 5

  • retryIntervalMilliseconds: Retry interval. Connection retry interval, ms[index].config.retryIntervalMilliseconds=1000

Default value: 1000

  • openTimeout: Open timeout. Connection opening timeout, ms[index].config.openTimeout=5

Default value: 5

  • readTimeout: Read timeout. Response read timeout, ms[index].config.readTimeout=20

Default value: 20

  • secretBackend: Secret Backend. The secret backend to use in vault[index].config.secretBackend=secret

Default value: secret

  • storageBehaviour: Storage Behaviour. Use the default Rundeck Behaviour for key storage (with rundeck headers) or use just the key/value behaviour from vault. Options are: rundeck, vault[index].config.storageBehaviour=vault/rundeck

Default value: rundeck

  • engineVersion: Vault Engine Version Key/Value Secret Engine Config[index].config.engineVersion=1/2

Default value: 1

Configuration Examples

example basic settings$VAULT_URL$VAULT_TOKEN

existing vault storage

For existing vault storage, probably you will need to remove the default keys path added by default for rundeck. You can use these settings for an existing vault storage:$VAULT_URL$VAULT_TOKEN

Using APPROLE authentication

You can use these settings for an existing vault storage:$VAULT_URL



Enabling APPROLE Vault using API

curl --header "X-Vault-Token: $TOKEN" --request POST --data '{"type": "approle"}' http://localhost:8200/v1/sys/auth/approle
curl --header "X-Vault-Token: $TOKEN" --request POST --data '{"policies": "rundeck", "token_ttl": "2m", "token_max_ttl": "2m"}' http://localhost:8200/v1/auth/approle/role/rundeck
curl --header "X-Vault-Token: $TOKEN" http://localhost:8200/v1/auth/approle/role/rundeck/role-id | jq
curl --header "X-Vault-Token: $TOKEN" --request POST http://localhost:8200/v1/auth/approle/role/rundeck/secret-id | jq

Vault API versions

Since version 1.3.1, this plugin can work with kV Secrets Engine - Version 2. A new config variable was added in order to set the API version that you need to use:

  • engineVersion=1 will work with vault version 0.x
  • engineVersion=2 will work with vault version 1.x


By default, the value is set to v1 (1)

Minimal version requirements

  • Java 1.8
  • Rundeck 2.10.0
  • Vault 0.9.0



  • Automated auth token lease renewal
  • Storage converter plugin