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This plugin stores Rundeck execution logs in a WebDAV repository. Execution logs are stored in a user defined path.

This plugin was developed and tested against Apache2 and mod_dav.


gradle clean build

The build target will be found in build/libs. Eg,

cp build/libs/rundeck-webdav-logstore-plugin-2.1.0.jar $RDECK_BASE/libext


Copy the plugin JAR file to the RDECK_BASE/libext directory.


Update the by adding the plugin name webdav-logstore:


Add WebDAV connection info to the /etc/rundeck/

framework.plugin.ExecutionFileStorage.webdav-logstore.webdavUrl = $WEBDAV_URL
framework.plugin.ExecutionFileStorage.webdav-logstore.webdavUsername = admin
framework.plugin.ExecutionFileStorage.webdav-logstore.webdavPassword = admin
framework.plugin.ExecutionFileStorage.webdav-logstore.path = rundeck/projects/${job.project}/${job.execid}.rdlog
  • webdavUrl should be the base URL to the WebDAV log store.
  • webdavUsername is the login account to the store.
  • webdavPassword is the password to the account.
  • path is the resource path to the file in the WebDAV store. The default path is "rundeck/projects/${job.project}/${job.execid}.rdlog". You can define any path and reference the following tokens:
    • ${job.execid}: The job execution id.
    • ${}: The job ID.
    • ${job.project}: The project name.