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Rundeck Docker Zoo

Welcome to Rundeck's docker Zoo! Here we have many exhibits, both common and exotic.

These examples are great for trying out Rundeck in different setups, as well as a reference and starting place for your own deployments.



External Database Config


Plugin Bundling

Reverse Proxy


Config via .env

Each docker-compose based exhibit has a .env.dist file that can be used to configure the example after being copied to .env . Some require it be populated and will call this out in the instructions. For all others it can be used to changed the Rundeck docker image and other various defaults.

Rundeck Pro images

For each exhibit copy .env.dist to .env and uncomment the pro section. Provide the desired image and license file location:


Updating/Changing Images

For docker-compose without builds:

docker-compose down
docker-compose pull

For docker-compose with builds:

docker-compose down
docker-compose pull && docker-compose build --pull
docker-compose up


To remove the setup including data volumes:

docker-compose down --volumes