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Rundeck Documentation

Rundeck Documentation project.

Getting starting


  • NodeJS lts/hydrogen or version 18.19.0 is the currently supported and only version that should be used.
  • NVM is helpful in making sure your machine is using the currently supported versions as we upgrade in the future.

Recommended setup steps

Install nvm to manage your NodeJS installations.

Run nvm install; nvm use; to install and set the NodeJS version. (it will use the .nvmrc file in the root of this directory as the version we are currently supporting.)

After setting the proper Node version, run this npm command before the first you start the docs site locally.

npm install

API Documentation Guidelines

Our API Docuementation is now handled by OpenAPI spec and presented using Swagger UI.

How to run locally for Development

npm run docs:dev

Compiles and hot-reloads for development. As (most) content changes are made they show up immediately.


Compiles and minifies for production.

npm run docs:build

Submitting Changes

Rundeck welcomes documentation PRs. Please submit PRs against the default branch (currently 4.0.x) and we will review.


Docs will be built and published to a base matching a branch name of /4\.[1-9]\..*/:

  • Branch 4.0.x =>
  • Branch 4.13.0 =>


Version tag must contain the full Rundeck version with date!

Tag a commit to publish the matching version base as well as the main production docs:

  • Tag v4.13.0-20230515 => AND

Example Code:

git tag -f v4.13.0-20230515
git push -f origin v4.13.0-20230515


For maintenance to docs on previous versions, simply switch to or create the branch:

# For 3.2.8
git checkout v3.2.8
git checkout -b 3.2.8
git push origin

How to Create Release Notes

Rundeck Core PRs are included by default. Core PRs can excluded by labeling them with the release-notes/exclude label.

Rundeck Enterprise PRs are excluded by default. Enterprise PRs can be included by labeling them with the release-notes/include label.

Create the file .env in the project root and add the line GH_API_TOKEN=[TOKEN] replacing [TOKEN] with your GitHub API token. This token needs repo scope.

Release Notes

Run the following with the milestone for the release. This will create/overwrite an existing entry for the release. Use wisely:

npm run notes -- --milestone=${1?milestone name}

Draft Release Notes

Run the following with the milestone for the release. This will create the file named to avoid overwriting any existing version:

npm run notes -- --milestone=${1?milestone name} --draft