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Bootstrap Rundeck plugin development
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Rundeck Plugin Bootstrap

Build Status

Bootstrap your Rundeck plugin development with this easy command line utility.


  • From zip file: Download the tar or zip distribution, cd to the bin directory.

  • From deb package:

sudo dpkg -i rundeck-plugin-bootstrap-X.Y.Z-1_all.deb
  • From rpm package:
sudo rpm -i rundeck-plugin-bootstrap-X.Y.Z-1.noarch.rpm

How to use it

Run the following command to get the available options

./rundeck-plugin-bootstrap help

The options available are:

  • --destinationDirectory or -d : The directory in which the artifact directory will be generated
  • --pluginName or -n : Plugin Name
  • --pluginType or -t : Plugin Type
  • --serviceType or -s : Rundeck Service Type

Plugin Type options (-t)

The plugins that can be created with the bootstrap client are:

  • script: it creates a script plugin
  • java: it creates a java plugin
  • ui: it creates a UI plugin

Rundeck Service Type (-s)

Existing service plugins enabled on boostrap-plugin

for Java Plugins:

  • ResourceModelSource
  • Notification
  • WorkflowStep
  • WorkflowNodeStep
  • LogFilter
  • NodeExecutor
  • Orchestrator
  • Option

for Script Plugins:

  • ResourceModelSource
  • WorkflowNodeStep
  • RemoteScriptNodeStep
  • NodeExecutor
  • FileCopier
  • NodeExecutorFileCopier: Generate both, Node Executor and File Copier service
  • Option

for UI plugins

  • UI


  • Create a script plugin:
rundeck-plugin-bootstrap -n MyNodeExecutorPlugin -t script -s NodeExecutor -d /tmp

A Script NodeExecutor plugin will be created at /tmp/mynodeexecutorplugin. You can cd into that directory, run gradle build and you will have an installable plugin that you can put in your Rundeck installation.

  • Create a UI script plugin:
rundeck-plugin-bootstrap -n MyUIPlugin -t ui -s UI -d /tmp
  • Create a notification java plugin:
rundeck-plugin-bootstrap -n MyRundeckNotificationPlugin -t java -s Notification -d /tmp

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