As a rundeck user, i'd like to have the possibility to sort rundeck job executions option on user interface. #1002

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In our rundeck jobs, we have some options that depend on over options. (options which are generated with an option provider which take as url parameter a previous option)
It would be very useful to sort our job execution options on rundeck GUI, in order to choose option in an intuitive order for the job's user.

As it's an enhancement, I've also post a request :!topic/rundeck-discuss/G1_Fr_UKBKU



You can change the ordering in the XML definition, and preserve it using preserveOrder (see If you let rundeck do it automatically, it will arrange the options using the dependency between remote URL options, and then also using alphabetical by name.

we need to enhance the GUI to allow "preserveOrder" to be done that way


Ok thx a lot i tried to reorder them from the yaml file, but not the XML one. I'll try that.

I'm not sure that the alphabetic order is preserved : I tried to prefix my options with number sequences (01, 02,03, ... ) and just after the Yaml's import it was OK, but after an edition through the GUI it became a mess again ... [cf. screenshot above]


As a first step, it might at least be useful to allow the job "designer" to order the options when creating the job. Exactly like how workflow steps can be ordered on the GUI by dragging.


yes, indeed. The GUI way would be more user friendly

@ahonor ahonor added the enhancement label Nov 20, 2014
  • 1 for support for this in the GUI
  • 1 for support for this in the GUI
wilprig commented Feb 27, 2015

+1 for support for this in the GUI


+1 for support for this in the GUI


+1 for GUI


+1 for GUI

jsparknz commented Oct 7, 2015

+1 for GUI!

dfsis commented Oct 8, 2015

+1 for GUI!


+1 for GUI

@gschueler gschueler added this to the 2.7.0 milestone Oct 26, 2015
tgeric commented Dec 12, 2015

+1 for GUI

AndrewFarley commented Jun 8, 2016 edited

Almost 7 months since last +1 for GUI. Did manual export/import of the XML after reordering items worked, but would be much nicer if I could drag them around similar to how you can re-order workflow items.


I added this feature on trello please vote for it there



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Thx a lot !

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