Issue with version 2.6. database cpu usage to 98% #1564

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Hi Team,
after we update our rundeck from version 2.4 to 2.6 and our RDS mysql database cpu usage up tp 98%, so we cannot even login to the website.
After we upgrade the database from db.m3.medium to db.m3.large.
This issue still happens when we run about 15 jobs at the same time.
We have about 15 scheduled jobs running every 5 mins to fetch the nodes from foreman.
We have same thing setup in version 2.4 but we don't have this issue.

leima965 commented Dec 2, 2015

looks like it should have a index on workflow_workflow_step.workflow_commands_id.

create index workflow_wf_step_cust_idx01 on workflow_workflow_step(workflow_commands_id);

it fixed the cpu issue

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