Project list links to project homepage and does not respect `rundeck.gui.startpage` setting #2168

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With 2.6.10 there is the new feature called "Project home page".
Even I can't figure out the sense of it, I would need some information about it's configuration.

Our colleagues are confused because they get a nearly empty page without jobs when entering a project from the main page. I wasn't able to find any documentation stuff.

So is there a way to configure the Project home page and, if yes, what possibilities do I have there?

Thanks in advance!



I was expecting that the would be visible on the project page, but I just did a test and the content of is not visible. Maybe a bug?

ahonor commented Nov 14, 2016

+1, show motd also


I would like to set the "Jobs" page as "home page" if possible somehow.
Otherwise the property rundeck.gui.startpage is useless and no longer needed imho.

@gschueler gschueler modified the milestone: 2.6.x Nov 14, 2016

motd is shown on project home page


bug: the rundeck.gui.startpage is not reflected when selecting a project from the project list

@gschueler gschueler added the bug label Nov 14, 2016
@gschueler gschueler changed the title from Configuration of new "Project home page" to Project list links to project homepage and does not respect `rundeck.gui.startpage` setting Nov 14, 2016

@gschueler I'm not seeing the content of which I edited in the project configuration page for my project. Or am I missing something here? What exactly do you mean with 'project home page'?


@willemdh in 2.6.10, the project list will link to a new project home page, which should show the motd/readme. Also clicking the project name in the navbar will go to that page.

there is not much content in the project home page yet, but the rundeck.gui.startpage should be used to link to the preferred nav link when clicking the project name in the project list

@gschueler gschueler closed this in 0c8c893 Nov 14, 2016
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