Cannot export jobs from version 2.7.1 - There was an error exporting the Project Archive #2249

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Bug report

My Rundeck detail

  • Rundeck version: 2.7.1
  • install type: rpm
  • OS Name/version: Centos 6.4

Expected Behavior
Should be prompted to download jar file containing export- this worked fine on 2.6.9

Actual Behavior

Error message in browser: There was an error exporting the Project Archive - Not Found

How to reproduce Behavior
Upgraded from version rundeck-2.6.9-1.21.GA.noarch
Converted to Mysql db, ran export

Note: there is a file created in /tmp/rundeck that appears to be the file that I want even though the name is not the normal pattern: export-drcloud4625764869195072479.jar
Examing the contents of the file reveals that it seems to contain the normal items in an export.

WORKAROUND - run the export via the browser, wait for the failure, download- via ssh- the latest jar file located in /tmp/rundeck and rename appropriately.

WORKAROUND - (IMPROVED) after viewing the error message, refresh the browser. I discovered this workaround after this post.



is there any error message in the service.log file?


Nothing at all. However, a simple refresh of the browser displays the usable download link of the archive file.

@gschueler gschueler added the bug label Jan 3, 2017

ok, sounds like a bug. thanks for posting the workaround (refresh the page)

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