'profile' missing RUNDECK_WITH_SSL env var to un-comment #2256

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Bug report

My Rundeck detail

  • Rundeck version: 2.7.1-1
  • install type: deb (rpm,deb,war,launcher)
  • OS Name/version: raspian (debian jessie)

Expected Behavior

'profile' mentions:

# SSL Configuration - Uncomment the following to enable.  Check SSL.properties for details.

but no setting or example RUNDECK_WITH_SSL environment variable exists.

Actual Behavior

I added the line below to trigger SSL operation:


This worked, so I created the following patch that adds this line in a 'commented-out' form:




How to reproduce Behavior

Without RUNDECK_WITH_SSL defined, rundeck only works on non-secured http.

Enhancement request

(For enhancements: Please search the existing Issues and look at the Trello board for your idea before posting.)


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