cascading options data integrity lost when session expire #2264

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Bug report

When your rundeck session expire and your combo boxes are loaded with data, the user can select combo values but as the session is gone, it won't refresh the options which depends on it without the user notice. The user can then push the run button. The login dialog will appear and the job will run with incorrect data.

Rundeck info:

  • Rundeck version: rundeck-2.6.11-1.23
  • install type: rundeck-2.6.11-1.23.GA.rpm
  • OS Name/version: Red Hat 7, 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64

Expected Behavior

It's expected a redirect to the login page when selecting options when your session is expired, or, at least a cascade error while loading values and the session has expired. But, as the AJAX calls returns ´200´, no errors are shown.


Actual Behavior

Technically, this is happening when the session expires:

  • The user selects a value in the combo box.
  • AJAX requests: /scheduledExecution/loadRemoteOptionValues
  • The session is expired, so another AJAX request is sent: /user/login
  • Nothing else happens.

Despite that, loading icon is shown in cascade options with no error.

How to reproduce Behavior

  • Login into rundeck
  • Open a job with cascade options
  • Wait long enough to make your session expires
  • Select an option value which other options depends upon it
  • Click the run button. The login dialog will appear
  • Login again, and the job will run with unexpected data
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