Very difficult to trace output to exact job step in rundeck v2.0 #667

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Rundeck 2.0 introduced step descriptions, however only the step description from the first level of job hierarchy is displayed.

The step numbering has been removed from the output. It used to be possible to see that it was for example, and I could navigate through the job hierarchy to get to the exact step that was giving a particular piece of output.

Now its very difficult to trace a piece of output back to the exact step


hi Andy, this definitely needs improvement. You should be able to see the "step context" identifier string if you hover over the step name in the GUI (as a tooltip), e.g "Workflow Step: 2/1"

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kcd83 commented Apr 16, 2014

Firstly, thanks for adding job description... now all we have to do remove all our pointless echos :)

I have a job that calls X job that calls Y job. I cannot determine which job/command is which at the third level. 2.0.3-1 seems to show "1. groupX/jobX" for all of this workflow step's sub steps and the tool tip is the same in the Log Output screen. The Monitor screen works nicely.

Could it show the full step number and the lowest level step description or maybe fall back to the lowest job name if missing so "1.3.2 my step description" or "1.3 groupY/jobY 2" ? Perhaps with the full text chain as the tooltip "1 groupX/jobX - 3 groupY/jobY 2: my step description"


hi @kcd83 that sounds like a good improvement

kcd83 commented Apr 22, 2014

Actually the Monitor/Report screen is lacking the description for workflow steps too, whatever you decide it will be best to make them consistent


Yes, some nicer tracing would be useful e.g. in the log output if the step description appeared for individual steps.


+1 Currently it is difficult for our users to report our developers where exactly a job failed.

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