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jtobard commented Sep 7, 2016

Added ability to search Activity by nodes on which the task were executed or by the applied node filter.
Example of searching by nodename:

Example of searching by activities executed against a filter:

Also added the "editable filter" property on jobs, if set to true, the user can modify the filter on the execution page, applied to Run job Now and Run Job Later buttons.
On the create job screen:

Usage in execution:

amontalban and others added some commits Aug 9, 2016
@amontalban amontalban [MOD] Correct file permissions for config files so there are no diffe…
…rences between RPM and DEB packages
@amontalban amontalban Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' f34d8ee
@gschueler gschueler fix #2002 select default multi-values automatically 6b05d05
@gschueler gschueler cleanup 2184803
@jtobard jtobard Merge pull request #7 from jtobard/fix_date_format
fix multiple date bug
@jtobard jtobard Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rundeck/rundeck 3e844f4
@jamieps jamieps Support ad hoc scheduling of jobs
This differs from fixed scheduling because only run permissions are
necessary to schedule a job and the job only runs once at the given

 - Use bootstrap-datetimepicker (for Bootstrap 3) to provide the UI
   widget to select the date/time.
 - Update Moment.js to 2.14.1, the later version is required for
 - Add support for specifying the time to execute to the
   /api/18/job/[ID]/run endpoint. This must be a valid ISO 8601 date
   and time.
 - To allow multiple executions to be scheduled, the job must support
   multiple executions, otherwise only one execution (either scheduled
   or run immediately) can be spawned.


 - Permissions are only checked when the job is scheduled, not when it
   is executed. If the run permission is revoked between the job being
   scheduled and the start time, the execution will still run (though
   it can be killed before it starts).
 - If Rundeck is restarted, all executions which were scheduled ad hoc
   will be killed and must be re-scheduled manually.
@jamieps jamieps Reschedule ad hoc scheduled executions on startup
Support cluster takeover and unscheduling of ad hoc scheduled executions
when the execution mode is switched to passive.

Some unit tests have been migrated to integration tests as functions
they call now use GORM criteria queries which cannot be unit tested.
@jamieps jamieps Ensure executions that cannot be rescheduled are killed
It is possible for cleanupRunningJobs() to complete before executions are
rescheduled, as it runs on a timer. If it wasn't possible to reschedule
an execution this could lead to orphaned executions remaining.
@jtobard jtobard initial import search on activity list 543402f
@jtobard jtobard Merge branch 'feature/node-filter-enhancements' of github.com:variaco…
…de/rundeck into feature/node-filter-enhancements
@jtobard jtobard add extra param to test edb5e9c
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #1987 from jamieps/feature/ad-hoc-scheduling
Support for ad hoc scheduling of jobs
@gschueler gschueler Docker based tests for remote dispatch b1daf32
@gschueler gschueler Allow override of launcher version/url 83c9426
@gschueler gschueler add README e1dd9f6
Fabrice Bacchella Remove useless wrapper in AuthFilter 3456c6e
@gschueler gschueler add top level scripts for running docker tests of built jar bdf86ce
@gschueler gschueler add docker tests to travis 581d8dc
@gschueler gschueler enable docker for travis 2b076f8
@gschueler gschueler Add documentation for run job at time api #1987 ba4d94f
@gschueler gschueler output of "file" for zip archives might differ 4c86768
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2027 from gschueler/docker-multinode-tests
convert vagrant-based multinode tests to use docker
@gschueler gschueler Support json input for API Job runAtTime, add tests. for #1987 f3ca660
@gschueler gschueler Example installing rundeck via apt on ubuntu with docker 1a43b1c
@gschueler gschueler Show startup warning if default charset is not UTF-8 2ad795b
Fabrice Bacchella More redhatcompliance init file, more easier to use profile file 7ebbf41
@gschueler gschueler fix #2040 attributes with dot in prefix do not render in gui 68e280b
@gschueler gschueler fix #2042 add i18n for notification form templates 94c0d2b
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2045 from gschueler/issue/2042
fix #2042 add i18n for notification form templates
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2044 from gschueler/rundeck-2040
fix #2040 attributes with dot in prefix do not render in gui
@gschueler gschueler initial support: plugin resources, custom icons 6303e0e
@gschueler gschueler loading plugin resources, and icons cbefa29
@gschueler gschueler initial UI plugins 0d2f2b1
@gschueler gschueler some identifiers for jobs page listing 46f760e
@gschueler gschueler use plugin icons 1036d5f
@gschueler gschueler fix: plugins page accordion auto-caret behavior b732a84
@gschueler gschueler show plugin icons on plugins page c3b6541
@gschueler gschueler auto load ui plugins for some pages 18bee48
@gschueler gschueler job info in page 4cb19f4
@gschueler gschueler reload ui plugins when list changes** efd8045
@gschueler gschueler disable user pref persistence test, use local storage. Allow plugins …
…to init after rest of page loads
@gschueler gschueler support zip ui plugin e580617
@gschueler gschueler update tests d4feafe
@gschueler gschueler additional pages ba8fcaa
@gschueler gschueler Add plugin file metadata to plugins page 8788908
@gschueler gschueler catalog of service types 0032f9f
@gschueler gschueler remove caching of profile info ffd0eef
@gschueler gschueler Support plugin file metadata in groovy plugins f0af30e
@jtobard jtobard changes before merge with rundeck master cb30596
@gschueler gschueler Add custom xml/json marshaller for API resource values a08f3aa
@gschueler gschueler Update to API v18 c82328b
@gschueler gschueler Add job/[id]/info API endpoint 1c2e6aa
@gschueler gschueler /api/18/project/[name]/jobs renders using new Api resource code 42b2eae
@gschueler gschueler update documentation about job metadata endpoint 1484e20
@gschueler gschueler Fix API doc: links to Response Format section were broken b66887d
@gschueler gschueler add job average duration to api response 3892030
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2043 from gschueler/feature/plugin-icons
Plugin resources and icons
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2030 from fbacchella/RedhatCompliance
More redhatcompliance init file, more easier to use profile file
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2026 from fbacchella/UselessWrapper
Remove useless wrapper in AuthFilter
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2003 from gschueler/issue/2002
fix #2002
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #1995 from devopxteam/master
Fixes #1994
@gschueler gschueler upgrade asset-pipeline for #1326 beffe46
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2025 from gschueler/feature/api-job-info
Feature/api job info
@gschueler gschueler Merge pull request #2050 from gschueler/issue/1326-upgrade-asset-pipe…

upgrade asset-pipeline for #1326
@jtobard jtobard node filter override test d75aa5f
@jtobard jtobard Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rundeck/rundeck bc7050b
@jtobard jtobard Merge branch 'master' of github.com:variacode/rundeck into feature/no…

# Conflicts:
#	rundeckapp/grails-app/i18n/messages.properties
#	rundeckapp/grails-app/i18n/messages_es_419.properties
#	rundeckapp/grails-app/views/scheduledExecution/_execOptionsForm.gsp
@jtobard jtobard search by applied filter 45fd350
@jtobard jtobard filtered saved filters by project, export and import job ede64a1
@jtobard jtobard unit tests 1cffa2f
@gschueler gschueler modified the milestone: 2.6.10, 2.7.0 Sep 19, 2016
@jtobard jtobard changed filter to add "name: nodename" capability instead of just "no…
…dename". Added integration test to test the cases.
@jtobard jtobard changed the base branch to rundeck:prerelease-2.7.0 from rundeck:master Sep 21, 2016
@gschueler gschueler closed this Sep 26, 2016

rebased and merged

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