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(ns lt.plugins.cljrefactor.nsbrowser
(:require [lt.plugins.cljrefactor.middleware :as mw]
[lt.object :as object]
[lt.objs.sidebar :as sidebar]
[lt.objs.sidebar.command :as sidebar-cmd]
[lt.objs.command :as cmd]
[lt.objs.editor.pool :as pool]
[lt.objs.notifos :as notifos]
[quiescent :as q :include-macros true]
[quiescent.dom :as d]
[lt.util.dom :as dom]
[clojure.string :as s])
(:require-macros [lt.macros :refer [defui behavior]]))
(declare render)
;; TODO: Should probably make commands for this to be able to keymap
(defn handle-keypress [props ev]
(let [kk (.-which ev)]
(case kk
38 (do (.preventDefault ev) ((:on-up props)))
40 (do (.preventDefault ev) ((:on-down props)))
13 (do (.preventDefault ev) ((:on-select props)))
27 (do (.preventDefault ev) ((:on-escape props)))
(defn selected-idx [items]
(first (keep-indexed #(when (:selected %2) %1) items)))
(defn move-down [items]
(let [currIdx (selected-idx items)]
(if-not (< currIdx (dec (count items)))
(-> items
(assoc-in [currIdx :selected] false)
(assoc-in [(inc currIdx) :selected] true)))))
(defn move-up [items]
(let [currIdx (selected-idx items)]
(if-not (> currIdx 0)
(-> items
(assoc-in [currIdx :selected] false)
(assoc-in [(dec currIdx) :selected] true)))))
(defn ns-abbr [ns-str]
(s/join "" (map first (s/split ns-str #"\."))))
(defn filter-items [search-for items]
(if (empty? search-for)
(filter (fn [{:keys [name]}]
(or (> (.indexOf name search-for) -1)
(= (.indexOf (ns-abbr name) search-for) 0))) items)))
(defn maybe-select-first [items]
(if-not (seq items)
(assoc-in (vec items) [0 :selected] true)))
(q/defcomponent SearchInput [props]
(d/input {:placeholder "search"
:value (:search-for props)
:onKeyDown (partial handle-keypress props)
:onChange #((:on-change props) (aget % "target" "value"))
:autoFocus (:focus props)}))
(q/defcomponent ResultItem [item]
(d/li {:className (when (:selected item) "selected")} (:name item)))
(q/defcomponent ResultList [props]
(apply d/ul {:className (when (:selected-ns props) " nsselection")}
(map ResultItem (:items props))))
(q/defcomponent Searcher [props]
(d/div {:className "filter-list"}
(SearchInput props)
(when-let [sel-ns (:selected-ns props)]
(d/div {:className "nstitle"} sel-ns))
(ResultList (select-keys props [:items :selected-ns]))))
(defui wrapper [this]
[:div {:id "nsbrowser-wrapper"} "Retrieving namespaces..."]])
(behavior ::move-up!
:triggers #{:move-up!}
:reaction (fn [this]
(let [moved (move-up (:filtered-items @this))]
(object/merge! this {:filtered-items moved})
(render {:items moved
:selected-ns (:selected-ns @this)
:search-for (:search-for @this)})
(sidebar-cmd/ensure-visible this))))
(behavior ::move-down!
:triggers #{:move-down!}
:reaction (fn [this]
(let [moved (move-down (:filtered-items @this))]
(object/merge! this {:filtered-items moved})
(render {:items moved
:selected-ns (:selected-ns @this)
:search-for (:search-for @this)})
(sidebar-cmd/ensure-visible this))))
(behavior ::select!
:triggers #{:select!}
:reaction (fn [this]
(when-let [sel-idx (selected-idx (:filtered-items @this))]
(when-let [ed (pool/last-active)]
(let [item-name (:name (nth (:filtered-items @this) sel-idx))]
(if-not (:selected-ns @this)
(object/merge! this {:search-for ""
:selected-ns item-name})
(object/raise ed :list-ns-vars item-name))
(let [sym (str (:selected-ns @this) "/" item-name)]
(object/raise ed :editor.jump-to-definition! sym)
(object/raise this :clear!))))))))
(behavior ::search!
:triggers #{:search!}
:reaction (fn [this search-for]
(let [items (if (:selected-ns @this) (:vars @this) (:items @this))
(->> items
(filter-items search-for)
(object/merge! this {:filtered-items filtered
:search-for search-for})
(render {:items filtered
:selected-ns (:selected-ns @this)
:search-for search-for}))))
(behavior ::update-ns-list!
:triggers #{:update-ns-list!}
:reaction (fn [this ns-items]
(let [filtered-items (maybe-select-first ns-items)]
(object/merge! this {:items ns-items
:filtered-items filtered-items
:search-for nil
:selected-ns nil})
(object/raise this :focus!))))
(behavior ::focus!
:triggers #{:focus!}
:reaction (fn [this]
(render {:items (:filtered-items @this)
:search-for (:search-for @this)
:selected-ns (:selected-ns @this)
:focus true})
;; Temp workaround until I figure out how to get react to focus...
(let [input (dom/$ "#nsbrowser-wrapper input")]
(.focus input))))
(behavior ::clear!
:triggers #{:clear!}
:reaction (fn [this]
(object/merge! this {:selected-ns nil
:items nil
:vars nil
:filtered-items nil
:search-for nil})
(cmd/exec! :close-sidebar)))
(behavior ::escape!
:triggers #{:escape!}
:reaction (fn [this]
(if-not (:selected-ns @this)
(object/raise this :clear!)
(let [filtered (maybe-select-first (:items @this))]
(object/merge! this {:selected-ns nil
:search-for nil
:vars nil
:filtered-items filtered})
(render {:items filtered})))))
(behavior ::set-nsbrowser-filters
:triggers #{:object.instant}
:desc "Clojure Refactor: Configure filter for nsbrowser"
:type :user
:params [{:label "exclusions" :type :list}]
:exclusive true
:reaction (fn [this exclusions]
(object/merge! this {:exclusions exclusions})))
(object/object* ::nsbrowser
:tags #{:clojure.nsbrowser}
:label "Clojure ns browser"
:order 2
:init (fn [this]
(wrapper this)))
(def ns-bar (object/create ::nsbrowser))
(sidebar/add-item sidebar/rightbar ns-bar)
(behavior ::list-ns-vars
:triggers #{:list-ns-vars}
:reaction (fn [ed z-ns]
(object/raise ed
(mw/create-op {:op "ns-vars" :ns z-ns})
{:result-type :refactor.list-ns-vars-res
:verbatim true})))
(behavior ::list-ns-vars-res
:triggers #{:editor.eval.clj.result.refactor.list-ns-vars-res}
:reaction (fn [ed res]
(let [[ok? ret] (mw/extract-result res
[:ns-vars :results])]
(if-not ok?
(object/raise ed
(:err ret)
{:line (-> ret :meta :line)})
(let [items (->> (:ns-vars ret)
(map #(hash-map :name %))
(object/merge! ns-bar {:vars items
:filtered-items items})
(render {:items items
:selected-ns (:selected-ns @ns-bar)
:focus true})))
(defn maybe-exclude [exclusions items]
(if-let [ps (map re-pattern exclusions)]
(filter (fn [item]
(not (seq (remove nil? (map #(re-find % item) ps))))) items)
(behavior ::list-ns-res
:triggers #{:editor.eval.clj.result.refactor.list-ns-res}
:reaction (fn [ed res]
(let [[ok? ret] (mw/extract-result res
[:ns-list :results])]
(if-not ok?
(object/raise ed
(:err ret)
{:line (-> ret :meta :line)})
(object/raise sidebar/rightbar :toggle ns-bar)
(object/raise ns-bar
(->> (:ns-list ret)
(maybe-exclude (:exclusions @ns-bar))
(map #(hash-map :name %)))))))))
;; (doseq [obj (object/by-tag :nrepl.client)]
;; (println obj))
(behavior ::list-ns
:triggers #{:list-ns}
:reaction (fn [ed]
(object/raise ed
(mw/create-op {:op "ns-list"})
{:result-type :refactor.list-ns-res
:verbatim true})))
(cmd/command {:command :show-nsbrowser
:desc "Clojure refactor: Show ns-browser"
:exec (fn []
(when-let [ed (pool/last-active)]
(object/raise ed :list-ns)))})
(defn render [props]
(q/render (Searcher (merge {:on-down #(object/raise ns-bar :move-down!)
:on-up #(object/raise ns-bar :move-up!)
:on-select #(object/raise ns-bar :select!)
:on-escape #(object/raise ns-bar :escape!)
:on-change (fn [search-for]
(object/raise ns-bar :search! search-for))}
(.getElementById js/document "nsbrowser-wrapper")))
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