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Elm Bootstrap User Documentation

This repository contains the project for generating the User documentation for the [Elm Bootstrap] ( package.


Pull requests are certainly more than wellcome. Check out the next section for how to get the docs site up and running locally.

Running locally

To run the docs site locally, you need to clone elm-boostrap and

The description below assumes you have installed Elm and node/npm.

# First we clone elm-bootstrap, because the docs site refers directly to sources from this repo
$> git clone

$> cd elm-bootstrap

# you might want to fork the repo and clone your fork if you want to submit pull requests !
$> git clone

$> cd

# Initial set up of webpack stuff used to run the site
$> npm install

# Start a dev server with hot reloading to serve the site
$> npm run dev

# Open a browser
$> open http://localhost:5000

You should end up with a folder structure like follows;

  • elm-bootstrap
      • src
      • elm-package.json
      • ...
    • src
    • test
    • elm-package.json

NOTE: is a subdirectory of elm-bootstrap in this setup.


The code is licensed BSD-3 and the documentation is licensed CC BY 3.0.