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A gradle plugin for running buster.js tests.

Its primary goal is to allow you to run your javascript tests as part of your CI build. Secondary but still very important is to provide a smooth development cycle for you as a developer.

Big disclaimer: Will not run on Windows


  • NodeJS/npm - Precondition for Buster.js. Gives you superfast javascript tests.
  • Buster.js node module - The kickass javascript test framework this plugin is all about enabling in your gradle builds.
  • PhantomJS - Required for enabling headless testing on your CI server. It makes sense that you also test with phantom during development.

In addition you may of course test locally with any browser(s) you wish. In fact You should be able to do all your buster testing without thinking much about the gradle plugin.

Set up plugin and above

buildscript {
    repositories { jcenter() } // not needed for gradle 2.1/2.2 and above
    dependencies {
        classpath  'com.github.rundis:gradle-buster-plugin:'

apply plugin: 'com.github.rundis.buster'

build.dependsOn busterTest // Optional, hook up the relevant buster tasks into your build task graph and below

buildscript {
    repositories {
       maven {
         url ''
    dependencies {
        classpath  'ord.gradle.buster:gradle-buster-plugin:'

apply plugin: 'buster'

Configuration options

buster {
	port = 1112 // Optional defaults to 1111, 0 will dynamically assign free port
	configFile = file('config/buster.js') /* If left out it will look in $project.projectDir/buster.js | $project.projectDir/test/buster.js | $project.projectDir/spec/buster.js */
	busterExecutablesPath = "node_modules/buster/bin" // Optional, if specified will prepend.
	browsers {  // if you leave out this closure, phantomjs is default added to the browsers used for testing

You can also set buster executable path by specifying a system property (-Dbuster.executables.path=node_modules/buster/bin). This overrides the configuration setting busterExecutablesPath

More on browser configuration

Browsers are captured using Selenium. This opens up for some really powerful options for future versions of this plugin. Future versions of the plugin might support running browsers on a remote machine (handy if you wish to test real browsers from your headless ci machine, or say you are on a nix system and need to test internet explorer).

Currently only PhantomJs, Firefox, Safari(only mac) and Chrome are supported. Please keep in mind the expected location for executables

  • Chrome
  • PhantomJs - Must be in path or set system property: phantomjs.binary.path
  • Firefox

The chrome driver for selenium requires a separate platform dependent executable. This is setup for you automatically unless you specify the the system property : The executable will be installed to ~/.gradle/browserdrivers/chrome/

So if you are happy with the defaults, all you have to do is specify which browsers you wish to test with.

Available tasks

  • busterTest : Will start a buster server, capture defined browsers, run the tests, shutdown browsers and stop the buster server.
  • busterAutoTest : Run buster testing in continuous mode . Any changes/adds/deletes to files matching glob patterns in the buster.js configuration file will automatically trigger a buster test run. Also starts a buster server and captures browsers, before it starts listening for changes.
  • busterSetupWebDrivers : Used by the 2 above to do required driver setup on demand. If no setup is needed the task is skipped.


This task has incremental support.

  • Defined inputs: buster configuration file, and any matching files defined within the buster configuration file
  • Defined outputs: test report xml file

Please note that extracting globs from the buster configuration file does not support very complex config definitions. It doesn't separate between configuration groups or take config group inheritance into account.


  • This task will keep the gradle build running (ctrl+c to quit).
  • It doesn't support multiprojects very nicely, so you would need to do something along the lines of $ gradle :subproject:busterAutoTest for each subproject

Usage scenarios

As part of a CI build

  • You would typically either
    • hook up the relevant gradle tasks as dependencies in your build task graph (as shown in the top)
    • or specify gradle busterTest in a gradle build step in your build server config

Local development

With the support for automatically capturing browsers and the autotest support, you might consider using the plugin for your local javascript tdd cycle as well.

To setup up which browsers you whish to test on your machine you could use an init script. Example init.gradle:

projectsEvaluated {
	rootProject.allprojects {project ->
		if(project.plugins.hasPlugin('buster')) {
			buster {
				browsers {


  • Will not run on windows
  • Not tested with gradle daemon. Should work for busterTest, but busterAutoTest most likely will not cleanup until the daemon dies !

Version history

  • Fix for running tests with multiple buster configurations by ehirsch
  • Updated to gradle 2.2
  • Modified publication to allow publishing to gradle plugin portal. Now you need to provide fully qualified plugin id

  • Bugfix for dynamically assigning port


  • Autotest throttles file changes
  • Autotest picks up changes in buster.js
  • Clean up of dependencies


  • Logging output xml on potential errors parsing buster junit xml
  • Dynamically assign port for buster server
  • Less verbose report output for autotest task
  • Cleaned up log levels for phantom (ghost) driver and upped driver version


  • Refactor buster-server process handling to allow running concurrent builds for same user
  • Added incremental support to busterTest task


  • Support for buster 0.7.5+
  • Support setting path to buster executables


  • Support for testing with multiple browsers
  • Improved process handling for spawned processes - contributions by stigkj
  • Breaking change: Removed several tasks, and buster server always stopped (except for autotest of course)


  • Added incubating support for auto testing (Continuous testing)


Initial release with bare bone functionality.


The BSD 2-Clause License