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Rune Logo

An embeddable dynamic programming language for Rust.


If you want to help out, there should be a number of optimization tasks available in Future Optimizations. Or have a look at Open Issues.

Create an issue about the optimization you want to work on and communicate that you are working on it.

Highlights of Rune

Rune scripts

You can run Rune programs with the bundled CLI:

cargo run --bin rune -- run scripts/hello_world.rn

If you want to see detailed diagnostics of your program while it's running, you can use:

cargo run --bin rune -- run scripts/hello_world.rn --dump-unit --trace --dump-vm

See --help for more information.

Running scripts from Rust

You can find more examples in the examples folder.

The following is a complete example, including rich diagnostics using termcolor. It can be made much simpler if this is not needed.

use rune::{Context, Diagnostics, FromValue, Source, Sources, Vm};
use rune::termcolor::{ColorChoice, StandardStream};
use std::sync::Arc;

async fn main() -> rune::Result<()> {
    let context = Context::with_default_modules()?;
    let runtime = Arc::new(context.runtime());

    let mut sources = Sources::new();
        pub fn add(a, b) {
            a + b

    let mut diagnostics = Diagnostics::new();

    let result = rune::prepare(&mut sources)
        .with_diagnostics(&mut diagnostics)

    if !diagnostics.is_empty() {
        let mut writer = StandardStream::stderr(ColorChoice::Always);
        diagnostics.emit(&mut writer, &sources)?;

    let unit = result?;
    let mut vm = Vm::new(runtime, Arc::new(unit));

    let output =["add"], (10i64, 20i64))?;
    let output = i64::from_value(output)?;

    println!("{}", output);