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Simple cross-platform mobile client for DropBox
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Latest commit bbca18e Sep 15, 2012 @runegri Fixed uploads on WP7
The file names are ugly, but we can live with that :-)
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CrossBox.UI.iOS Changed build target to iOS 4 Sep 5, 2012
.gitignore Initial commit Aug 23, 2012
CrossBox.iOS.sln iOS dropbox client popups now work. Aug 31, 2012

Simple DropBox client for mobile devices. The application is meant as an example of how one can use Mono and .Net to write cross-platform mobile applications that runs on iOS, Android and WP7.

The Android version is built on Api version 8 (Android 2.2), the iOS version is built on iOS v 3.2 (yep :-)) and the WP7 version is built on SDK v 7.5.

Feel free to do whatever you want with the code.

TODO for the future:

  • Test the UI on all devices
  • Add icons for files/folders on iOS
  • Display other file types than text
  • Modify files
  • Upload new files
  • Save files to local storage

Oh. While I remember. This project uses components from two other projects: MVVMCross ( by @slodge ( and DropNet ( by @dkarzon ( Thanks guys!

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