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Simple cross-platform mobile client for DropBox
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Fixed uploads on WP7

The file names are ugly, but we can live with that :-)
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@runegri authored

Simple DropBox client for mobile devices. The application is meant as an example of how one can use Mono and .Net to write cross-platform mobile applications that runs on iOS, Android and WP7.

The Android version is built on Api version 8 (Android 2.2), the iOS version is built on iOS v 3.2 (yep :-)) and the WP7 version is built on SDK v 7.5.

Feel free to do whatever you want with the code.

TODO for the future:

  • Test the UI on all devices
  • Add icons for files/folders on iOS
  • Display other file types than text
  • Modify files
  • Upload new files
  • Save files to local storage

Oh. While I remember. This project uses components from two other projects: MVVMCross ( by @slodge ( and DropNet ( by @dkarzon ( Thanks guys!

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