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Custom filter framework for the Django Admin.
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This Django app makes it easier to create custom filters in the change list of Django Admin and supplies a TreeFilter and a DateRangeFilter too. Se below.

Tested on Django 1.2.3 and from @15ea9a9 1.3.1.

Updating to 1.4-1.7 support

There are no release yet, but a version tested with 1.4 and 1.7 can be installed with pip like:

pip install git+git://

I still need to test it with 1.5 and 1.6, update the documentation and then coax PyPi into making a release. Help could be great :) Major differences in this version is:

  • lookup_allowed() no longer needed.
  • Uses the new builtin Django Filter classes.
  • No need to register with filtrate.register_filter.

NOTE: The docs below and the test app are not corret for this new version.

Updating to 1.3 support

I will write proper docs, things are getting messy here, but here is the lowdown.

New settings required

As I found out, you can't reliably convert the django date formats to Datepicker formats. So this commit introduces these two new settings:

	# See
	'datepicker_region': 'en-GB',
	# See
	'datepicker_date_format': 'yy-mm-dd',

So if the above defaults does not suit you, you have to change them your self. Check out the Datepicker documentation to see how to use them.


Django 1.2.4 introduces restrictions on which lookups that can be queried in the url, so at the moment the end user are responsible for checking for those, as in this example:

class CaseAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
	list_filter = ['client']

	def lookup_allowed(self, key, *args, **kwargs):
		if 'client__start_date' in key:
			return True
			return super(CaseAdmin, self).lookup_allowed(key, *args, **kwargs)

Undefined Media() class bug

Time and my Python meta-fu is running out, and I couldn't fix it so its not neccessary to define an empty Media() class as in:

class CaseAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
	class Media():

The FiltrateFilter

The base class that adds support for custom html in the content of the filter and for using Media() classes.


A recursive tree filter using the excellent library


# The Filter.
from filtrate.filters import TreeFilter
from itertools import groupby
class CompanyDepartmentFilter(TreeFilter):
    field_name = "client__department__id__in"
    def get_title(self):
        return 'By Department'
    def get_tree(self):
        from company.models import Department
        qs = Department.objects.all().order_by('company_order', 'company')
        return groupby(qs, lambda obj: getattr(obj, 'company'))

# The model.
from filtrate import register_filter
class Case(Model):
    client = models.ForeignKey(Client)
    register_filter(client, CompanyDepartmentFilter)


Filters results in a given date range using the jQueryUI datepicker plugin.


# The Filter.
from filtrate.filters import DateRangeFilter

class CaseLicenseStartDateFilter(DateRangeFilter):
    field_name = 'caselicense__start_date'
    def get_title(self):
        return "By license start date"

# The model.
from filtrate import register_filter
class Case(Model):
    caselicense = models.ForeignKey(Licence)
    register_filter(caselicense, CaseLicenseStartDateFilter)


  • Clone the repo and symlink or copy the "filtrate" folder to your apps folder.
  • Add filtrate to your installed apps.
  • Add the "filtrate/templates" folder to your template folders.

Static files

FlexSelect requires "django.contrib.staticfiles" installed to work out of the box. If it is not then the js and css files must be installed manually. Read more about "django.contrib.staticfiles" at

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