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VS Code auto-complete extension for Haskell using Hoogle
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Haskell Hoogle autocomplete for VS Code


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  • No context-awareness whatsoever. Type class names are happily suggested where only a type makes sense, and vice verse. However, due to values/functions starting with a lowercase letter (or _) these are rarely mixed together with data types/type classes, since VS Code prefers suggestions with the same case as the input word.
  • No formatting in documentation. Hoogle can only output HTML/plaintext and VS Code supports only markdown.



  • a local Hoogle server (recommended)
  • an internet connection, to connect to (pretty slow, depending on your physical location)

Questions/bug reports

Feel free to create an issue in case of questions or bugs.

Local Hoogle server

Using a local Hoogle server will decrease latency dramatically compared to using (~10 ms vs. ~1000 ms for Copenhagen, Denmark).

Instructions on installing Hoogle locally:

After installing Hoogle and creating a database you need to run the Hoogle server using the command hoogle server --local --database=<path/to/database.hoo>, and change the extension setting haskell-hoogle-autocomplete.hoogleServerBaseUrl appropriately.

Extension Settings


  1. Install npm
  2. Download dependencies: npm install
  3. Install Visual Studio Code Extension Manager: npm install vsce
  4. Generate VSIX file: node_modules/vsce/out/vsce package
  5. Inside VS Code: run command "Extensions: Install from VSIX"

Release Notes

0.0.1 alpha preview

Initial release

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