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Martin Bjeldbak Madsen martinbjeldbak
Backend Software Developer at @net-engine, working in Ruby on Rails and AWS 🇩🇰 -> 🇦🇺

@net-engine Brisbane, Australia

Tom Sydney Kerckhove NorfairKing
Professional Weirdo

CS Kerckhove Zürich

Simon Shine sshine

@etoroxlabs Copenhagen, Denmark

Charles eiffeltower-fr

Paris, France

Thorkil Værge Sword-Smith
Physicist by trade, programmer by occupation. I like compilers, cryptography, and currencies. My company Pilatus IT builds software for the blockchain.

Pilatus IT Copenhagen, Denmark

Neo21 Neo730
professor Satoshi Nakamoto
Python backend developer
Fullstack functional developer, Haskell, Scala, Elm, F#

Chief Enthusiast @fpspecialty Russia

Bob Holden EAWF
Linux, PHP, and Bitcoin fan with roots in the IT industry going back to 1971. Currently focused on making bitcoin tools easily usable by everyone.

EAWF LLC Phoenix, AZ

Charles Crain charlescrain
Journey before destination.

SuperRare San Diego

Gustav Kofoed Clausen gustavclausen
Passion for DevOps and building applications in the cloud.

Copenhagen, Denmark

bitcoin: 1KQNb23JoQP83exLyxSGQ3zGoXZnMn3k2S litecoin: LV8bd217BJW1kzjQVp43NCWQx2BqicQ7fq
MinCoin Satoshi MinCoinCryptocurrency
MinCoin Cryptocurrency Team Member MinCoin: The World's #1 Rare Altcoin / Digital Currency No Pre Mine NOT an ICO YES to 100% Decentralized

MinCoin Cryptocurrency

Derek Chia DerekChia
Data-driven. Dockerise everything.


Ben Chasnov bchasnov
Graduate student at University of Washington studying optimization and controls. Harvey Mudd alum.

Seattle, WA

Fabian Beuke madnight
Interested in functional programming, category theory and theoretical physics.

Bremen, Germany

jose yosoyubik

Copenhagen, Denmark

Brad Jasper bradjasper
Product Developer bootstrapping products like Focus, RemoteHabits and Catch Notes

Jasper Software, Inc Portland, OR

Dutn dutn158

Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Janus Troelsen ysangkok

Unemployed Mexico City


San Francisco & New York City

Ian Madlenya IanMadlenya
Highly analytical & process-oriented Data Analyst with in-depth knowledge of database types; research methodologies; and big data capture, curation/manipulation


Julian Smith, Blockfreight, Inc. jsmith-dev
🇺🇸💻 Julian Smith is a Software Engineer, CryptoPatriot, Tech Founder & ₿itcoin Entrepreneur, Libertarian, Human. CEO at @blockfreight, Inc.

Blockfreight, Inc. San Francisco, CA

coinableS coinables
Financial Analyst, Musician, Hiker, Web Developer
Pierre Rochard PierreRochard
Lightning Power Users

Lightning Power Users New York City

Noon van der Silk silky

@Braneshop Melbourne, Australia

Bob Silverman silverbob65

PBM Consultants Corporation San Francisco, CA

Eric Martindale martindale
Code as craft! I like distributed systems and the human-friendly web. Formerly @Blockstream, @bitpay, @coursefork...

@FabricLabs [fc00::/8]

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