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Barbarian Assault

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Barbarian Assault+ Configuration

Custom barbarian assault plugin, use along with BA Tools


Show Timer

Show time to next call change

Show wave and game duration

Displays wave and game duration

Show count of eggs collected as collector.

Display egg count as collector after each wave

Overlay of eggs counted

Display current egg count as collector

Show count of Hp healed as healer.

Display healed count as healer after each wave

Overlay of Hp Counted

Display current healed count as healer

Highlight collector eggs

Highlight called egg colors

Summarize total reward points

Displays total eggs/healed hp and missed attacks/lost runners

Display summary of advanced points

Gives summary of advanced points breakdown in chat log

Change healer wrong poison pack color

Change healer wrong poison pack color

Highlight called poison/bait

Highlights the poison or bait that was called by your teammate

Highlight color

Configures the color to highlight the called poison/bait

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