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Attack Styles

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Attack Styles Configuration

Client View


1. Always show style

(Default On) This option will disable the attack style infobox in the bottom-right hand corner, which will show you what attack style you are using.

2. Warn for [Attack Style]

If any of these boxes are enabled, when you use that attack style, the infobox text will change to the colour red, to warn you off XP gain in this skill.

  • (Default Off) Warn for defence
  • (Default Off) Warn for attack
  • (Default Off) Warn for strength
  • (Default Off) Warn for ranged
  • (Default Off) Warn for magic

3. Remove warned styles

(Default Off) When enabled, this will remove any of the attack styles that are enabled above in the 'Warn for [Attack Style]' options from the 'Combat Options' tab in Old School RuneScape.

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