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User Guide

Developer's Guide

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Camera Configuration

Client View


Expand Inner Zoom Limit

Allows you to zoom in closer.

Expand Outer Zoom Limit

Allows you to increase or decrease the furthest distance to which you can zoom out. (Default 0, Min -400, Max 400)

Vertical Camera

When the camera moves vertically, this option allows it to move higher than default.

Control Function

Disables zoom unless the Control key is pressed, or allows the Control key to reset your zoom level.

Reset zoom position

The position to which zoom is reset if the Reset zoom option of Control Function is selected. (Default 512, Min -400, Max 1004)

Zoom Speed

The speed at which you can zoom the camera. (Default 25)

Right click moves camera

Remaps right click to middle mouse click if there are no menu options.

Ignore Examine

Ignore the Examine menu entry for right-click moving the camera.

Middle-button opens menu

Middle-mouse button always opens the menu.

Compass options

Adds Look South, East, and West to the compass' right-click menu.

Invert Yaw

Moves the camera in the opposite direction when moving horizontally.

Invert Pitch

Moves the camera in the opposite direction when moving vertically.