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Chat Commands Plugin Configuration

Client View

The chat commands plugin enables you to quickly access information about your account and items through chat commands
Current commands include !total, !lvl <skill>,!price <item>, and !kc <boss>.

Skill Abbreviations

Some skill names can be substituted for shorthand versions
att -> Attack
def -> Defence
str -> Strength
hp -> Hitpoints
range -> Ranged
wc -> Woodcutting
fm -> Firemaking
rc, runecrafting -> Runecraft
con -> Construction

Boss Abbreviations

Some boss names can be substituted for shorthand versions
corp -> Corporeal Beast
jad -> TzTok-Jad
kq -> Kalphite Queen
chaos ele -> Chaos Elemental
crazy arch -> Crazy Archaeologist
deranged arch -> Deranged Archaeologist
mole -> Giant Mole
vetion -> Vet'ion
vene -> Venenatis
kbd -> King Black Dragon
vork -> Vorkath
sire -> Abyssal Sire
cerb -> Cerberus
supreme -> Dagannoth Supreme
rex -> Dagannoth Rex
prime -> Dagannoth Prime
wt -> Wintertodt
barrows -> Barrows Chests
dusk, dawn, gargs -> Grotesque Guardians
smoke devil, thermy -> Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
zuk, inferno, -> TzKal-Zuk
sara, saradomin, zilyana, zily -> Commander Zilyana
zammy, zamorak, kril, kril trutsaroth -> K'ril Tsutsaroth
arma, kree, kreearra, armadyl -> Kree'arra
bando, bandos, graardor -> General Graardor
cox, xeric, chambers, olm, raids -> Chambers of Xeric
tob, theatre, verzik, verzik vitur, raids 2 -> Theatre of Blood


Price Command

Turns the !price command on or off

Price command

Level Command

Turns the !total and !lvl commands on or off

Level command

Color options

You are also able to select any color for the following chat styles, as well as their respective highlight:

  • Public chat
  • Private chat
  • Clan chat
  • Transparent public chat
  • Transparent private chat
  • Transparent clan chat

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