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FPS Control

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FPS Control Configuration

Client View


1. Limit Mode [Never, Unfocused, Always]

Having the 'Unfocused' setting on will benefit users who use laptops or need to save resources when not focusing on the client.

  • (Default) The setting 'Never' will never limit the FPS of the client.
  • The setting 'Unfocused' will only limit the FPS when the client isn't in focus.
  • The setting 'Always' will always limit the FPS of the client when in focus or not.

2. FPS Target [Edit Number]

  • (Default 50) This number is the FPS limit of the client, 50 will limit the client to 50 FPS (Frames per second).

3. Draw FPS indicator

  • (Default On) Just like the ::DisplayFPS command, this will display an FPS counter in the top right-hand corner of the client.

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