Idle Notifier

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Idle Notifier Configuration

Sends a notification when going idle, or when your hp/prayer reaches a certain threshold. To change whether notifications are sent even when the client is focused (and other settings related to notifications), see the settings for RuneLite.


1. Idle Animation Notification

Toggles notifying you when stopping skilling animations such as mining, fishing, or creating battlestaves

2. Combat Idle Notifications

Toggles notifying you when going out of combat, and when your hp/prayer reaches the threshold

3. Idle Notification Delay

Choose how long your animation has to be stopped before sending a notification. Don't set it too low as some animations have long delays.

4. Hitpoints Notification Threshold

Choose hp threshold to send a notification. NOTICE! By default you will only get notifications when the client is out of focus, to change this see RuneLite

4. Prayer Notification Threshold

Choose prayer threshold to send a notification

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