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Motherlode Mine

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Motherload Mine Configuration


Show pay-dirt sack

Configures whether to display the amount of pay-dirt in the sack is or not.

pay-dirt sack infobox
infobox warning that sack is full

Reset stats (minutes)

Configures the time until statistics are reset.

Show gems found

Shows gems found during mining session.

gems found infobox

Show mining session stats

Displays pay-dirt mined and pay-dirt/hr.

mining stats infobox

Show current mining state

Shows current mining state if mining session stats are enabled.

player is mining
player is not mining

Show deposits left

Displays the number of deposits before sack is full.

deposits left infobox
infobox showing 1 deposit left
infobox showing 0 deposit left

Show pay-dirt mining spots

marks pay-dirt veins and rock obstacles.

mining spot and obstacle highlighting