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Screenshot Configuration

Screenshot button

Enables the screenshot button

The screenshot folder can be accessed by right clicking the screenshot button.

The default screenshot folder on Windows is: C:\Users\*username*\.runelite\screenshots\


Include Client Frame

If selected, the screenshot will include the entire client, with sidebar and title bar
If deselected, the screenshot will only include the game window

Display Date

Configures whether the report button will be changed to the current date when taking a screenshot
The date format is "shorthand month. date, year"

Screenshot date example

Notify When Taken

RuneLite will send a system notification when a screenshot is taken

Screenshot Rewards

Configures whether screenshots are taken of clue rewards, barrows chests, raid rewards, and quest completion

Screenshot Levels

Configures whether screenshots are taken of level ups

Upload To Imgur

Configures whether screenshots will be uploaded to Imgur and the link copied to your clipboard after being taken

Screenshot with [Insert]

Configures whether pressing the Insert key will take a screenshot.

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