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Slayer Plugin Configuration

The slayer plugin contains options for enhancing your slayer experience


Count On Items

When checked, this will add your remaining slayer task amount to slayer helms and gems
Slayer amount on gems

Task Infobox

When checked, this will display your task in an infobox to the top-left of the game window
Task infobox
Along with a mouse tooltip on hover containing your points and streak
Task points and streak tooltip

Note that RuneLite gets the information on your Slayer task when you receive the task or when you check the Slayer gem. RuneLite keeps its own counter for display in the infobox. This also means RuneLite's counter can become out of sync with the real counter, for instance when you make a few kills when not using RuneLite.

Bursting and Cannons

Runelite currently gets kill count information based on your xp drops so if you manage to kill multiple enemies in the same tick Runelite can only register that as one kill which will get out of sync if doing bursting or cannoning a task.

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