This is a starter repo for students in my Programming Design Systems class
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About this repository

This is an empty repository that students in my Programming Design Systems class can use as a starter template for their own projects.

Getting started

  • Fork this repo to your own GitHub account
  • Open terminal on your computer
  • cd into the folder where you want the main project folder to exist. For me, this is the Projects folder, so I run cd ~/Projects from my terminal.
  • Clone your new forked repo into this folder by running something like git clone You need to find the actual Git URL on your forked project page.

Running the projects

You need a web server to see the examples in your browser. Luckily, this repo has a script to do this. Run the following from inside your project folder.


Now, go to localhost:1234 and navigate to any project folder.

Adding your own projects

Simply make a copy of the first-assignment folder and rename it. Now start coding!