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Moov [moo-vee], The Movie Database (TMDB v3) API Wrapper

API Key Setup

Set your TMDB API key in Moov/core.clj

Quick Example
; Clojure 1.3 / no-deps, stdlib-only
(ns Moov.example
  (:use [Moov.core :as TMDB]))

(defn -main [& args]
    (println (TMDB/movieSearch "The Shinning"))
    (catch Exception e (println e)))
Available Functions
(defn personImages [person_id]
  (TMDB/person_images api_key person_id)

(defn personCredits [person_id]
  (TMDB/person_credits api_key person_id)

(defn personInfo [person_id]
  (TMDB/person_info api_key person_id)

(defn personSearch
    (TMDB/search_people api_key person_query))
  ([person_query page]
   (TMDB/search_people api_key person_query page))

(defn movieSearch 
    (TMDB/search_title api_key title_query))
  ([title_query page]
    (TMDB/search_title api_key title_query page))
  ([title_query page language]
    (TMDB/search_title api_key title_query page language))
  ([title_query page language include_adult]
    (TMDB/search_title api_key title_query page language include_adult))

(defn movieInfo [movie_id]
  (TMDB/movie_info api_key movie_id)

(defn movieCollection [collection_id]
  (TMDB/collection api_key collection_id)

(defn movieAll_Titles
    (TMDB/alternative_titles api_key movie_id))
  ([movie_id country]
    (TMDB/alternative_titles api_key movie_id country))

(defn movieTranslations [movie_id]
  (TMDB/movie_translations api_key movie_id)

(defn movieTrailers [movie_id]
  (TMDB/movie_trailers api_key movie_id)

(defn movieRelease_Info [movie_id]
  (TMDB/movie_release_info api_key movie_id)

(defn movieKeywords [movie_id]
  (TMDB/movie_keywords api_key movie_id)

(defn movieImages [movie_id]
  (TMDB/movie_images api_key movie_id)

(defn movieCasts [movie_id]
  (TMDB/movie_casts api_key movie_id)