Movie finder via relational ranking to seperate the good from the bad.
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A movie finder via relational ranking to seperate the good from the bad.

Place your Rotten Tomatoes API Key in the api.key file and get started. => $lein run

How it works.

Movie: {:title Project Nim, :rating 1033}

Project Nim
Rating =
Sum of
[critic_rating] +
[viewer_rating] +
[related_videos_critic_rating] + (No more than 40 related movies)
[related_videos_viewer_rating] + (No more than 40 related movies)

Why it works.

Good movies are not like, similar, and or related to bad movies.
A good movie will probably be like, similar, and or related to other good movies.
Calculating the rank of up to 40 relationships per movie can help weed out the bad from the good.


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    • First Prediction List

      === Sorted Best to Worse ===
      {:title Project Nim, :rating 1033}
      {:title The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, :rating 960}
      {:title The Descendants, :rating 922}
      {:title Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, :rating 917}
      {:title Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, :rating 913}
      {:title Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, :rating 858}
      {:title Lady and the Tramp, :rating 854}
      {:title Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, :rating 844}
      {:title Puss in Boots, :rating 844}
      {:title The Adventures of Tintin, :rating 819}
      {:title Anonymous, :rating 812}
      {:title London Boulevard, :rating 787}
      {:title Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, :rating 763}
      {:title Happy Feet Two, :rating 749}
      {:title The Artist, :rating 727}
      {:title Footloose, :rating 726}
      {:title The Thing, :rating 719}
      {:title The Rum Diary, :rating 706}
      {:title Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, :rating 668}
      {:title Young Adult, :rating 659}
      {:title My Week with Marilyn, :rating 654}
      {:title Hugo, :rating 649}
      {:title Immortals, :rating 548}
      {:title Fireflies in the Garden, :rating 535}
      {:title In Time, :rating 534}
      {:title The Three Musketeers, :rating 516}
      {:title The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), :rating 516}
      {:title The Interrupters, :rating 375}
      {:title Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, :rating 335}
      {:title Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, :rating 322}
      {:title Take Shelter, :rating 320}
      {:title Martha Marcy May Marlene, :rating 313}
      {:title A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, :rating 297}
      {:title Melancholia, :rating 241}
      {:title The Rebound, :rating 196}
      {:title A Separation, :rating 193}
      {:title The Secret World of Arrietty, :rating 182}
      {:title In Darkness, :rating 175}
      {:title Drive, :rating 171}
      {:title We Need to Talk About Kevin, :rating 162}
      {:title Jack and Jill, :rating 161}
      {:title Chronicle, :rating 160}
      {:title Miss Bala, :rating 154}
      {:title War Horse, :rating 150}
      {:title The Grey, :rating 148}
      {:title We Bought a Zoo, :rating 144}
      {:title Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, :rating 136}
      {:title Big Miracle, :rating 135}
      {:title The Lorax, :rating 130}
      {:title The Woman in Black, :rating 128}
      {:title Safe House, :rating 124}
      {:title Tiny Furniture, :rating 123}
      {:title Haywire, :rating 122}
      {:title Tower Heist, :rating 122}
      {:title John Carter, :rating 121}
      {:title Friends With Kids, :rating 120}
      {:title Wanderlust, :rating 116}
      {:title Tyler Perry's Good Deeds, :rating 114}
      {:title Act of Valor, :rating 114}
      {:title Contraband, :rating 111}
      {:title Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, :rating 109}
      {:title The Iron Lady, :rating 107}
      {:title Joyful Noise, :rating 104}
      {:title Red Tails, :rating 101}
      {:title Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, :rating 99}
      {:title Project X, :rating 98}
      {:title This Means War, :rating 96}
      {:title Man on a Ledge, :rating 92}
      {:title Silent House, :rating 92}
      {:title The Vow, :rating 91}
      {:title Johnny English Reborn, :rating 85}
      {:title A Thousand Words, :rating 62}
      {:title Gone, :rating 60}
      {:title Dream House, :rating 43}
      {:title The Son of No One, :rating 40}


      Copyright © 2012 Ryan Kelker Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.