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The nook2018 will happen on 2018-11-09. A german version of the cfp can be found here.

There are three places where you can run yarn install or npm install:

  1. src/server/
  2. src/client/
  3. slides/

All of these places also support a start command. Use yarn start or npm start for fun and profit.

Tested with node versions 10.13.0 and 11.1.0 - so as long as you either have LTS or current (2018-11-08) you should be fine.


You can view slides by:

  1. Cloning/downloading the contents from this repository.
  2. Entering the slides/ directory.
  3. Executing npm install or yarn install in there.
  4. Using yarn start or npm start for a live preview of the slides.
  5. Using yarn build or npm build to generate static html pages.