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Arcade machine game launcher front end designed for the RunJumpDev Lexitron arcade cabinet.
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Moonshot is a game launcher front end designed for the Lexitron arcade machine built by Run Jump Dev. Pick and launch games using a joystick.

Currently in prototype state.

Minimum Viable Product

  • Diagnostic screen with button check for all inputs
  • Joystick-navigable list of games with names and images
  • Game launch capability

Why Node-Webkit?

  • Easiest path for UI work, familiar for graphic designers
  • Supports everything we need: video, audio, game controllers, process management

Future Work

  • Houston, the slim watchdog process that can relaunch Moonshot if it fails
  • Graphic design!
  • Attract mode (30s inactivity => slides/videos)
  • Audio feedback during startup/navigation/launch
  • Live tweets #lexitron #gamename

See issues.

Build Instructions

  1. Download node-webkit for your platform.
  2. Unzip node-webkit into the project root (where the source directory lives).
  3. To test the launcher, switch to the source directory and run node-webkit.
$ cd source
$ ../nw .

> cd source
> ..\nw .

$ cd source
$ ../ .
  1. To build the launcher app on Windows/Linux, zip the source directory and concatenate it with the node-webkit executable.
$ cd source
$ zip -r ../moonshot.nw *
$ cd ..
$ cat nw moonshot.nw > moonshot
$ chmod u+x moonshot

> cd source
> pkzip -r ..\moonshot.nw *.*
> cd ..
> copy /b nw.exe+moonshot.nw moonshot.exe

Or, for OS X, copy the files to

$ cd source
$ cp -R ./ ../

Adding games

Games can be added by including the following files:

- game_name // Game launch script
- main_image_file // Main image to display in Moonshot
- game_name.lex // JSON formatted game data

Each .lex file should contain at least the following structure:

  "name" : "Game Name",
  "images" : {
    "main" : "main_image_file",
    "screenshots" : {}
  "author" : "Arthur Author",
  "website" : "",
  "twitter" : "gamename",
  "video" : "video_file"

Some properties are not used in the present build, but will be in the near future.

(For more info, see node-webkit's How to package and distribute your apps.)

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