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Experimental patch for homebrew linux ppc64le support
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homebrew on ppc64le support

Is it possible to port homebrew to Linux ppc64le? The answer is yes.

How do I build the portable ruby that homebrew use?

Firstly, I manually built my portable ruby version based on portable-ruby formula in Basically I create a bash script that replicate exact way that homebrew build that formula.

Once I have a temporary binary that I could play with, I patched Library/Homebrew/cmd/

diff --git a/Library/Homebrew/cmd/ b/Library/Homebrew/cmd/
index fdd491362..1a37db38c 100644
--- a/Library/Homebrew/cmd/
+++ b/Library/Homebrew/cmd/
@@ -39,6 +39,11 @@ then
+    ppc64le)
+      ruby_URL=""
+      ;;

Next I try to get brew up and running so I could build the final portable ruby version:

brew install --build-bottle homebrew/portable-ruby/portable-ruby
brew bottle homebrew/portable-ruby/portable-ruby

The end result is the final binary portable-ruby-2.6.3.ppc64le_linux.bottle.tar.gz

In order to get brew working under ppc, please applying following patches accordingly:

git clone
cd brew && git am 0001-Support-ppc64le.patch

git clone
cd linuxbrew-core && git am 0001-Support-ppc64le.patch

git clone
cd homebrew-portable-ruby && git am 0001-update-makedepend-with-patched-version.patch
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