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0.2.0 - 5 July 2011
* now we support ngx.var[1], ngx.var[2], and etc to refer to the nginx regex capturing variables \$1, \$2, and etc in Lua. this resolved github issue #43. thanks Tobia Conforto for reporting it.
* now we use the same value overriding mechanism as ngx_rewrite's set command for ngx.var.VAR = new_value. Assigning values to special variables like $limit_rate and $args should now work; also writing to built-in variables that are not changeable (like $arg_PARAMETER) will result in a 500 error page, as expected, now. thanks Richard Kearsley for reporting it.
* fixed the lua_code_cache off warning when the lua_code_cache is explicitly on. thanks Feng Xingguo.
* applied the patch from cyberty to add ngx.http_time() function to expose the nginx core function ngx_http_time to the Lua land.
* fixed an issue on i386: we now use off_t consistently. mixing it with size_t on 32-bit systems can cause Bad Things. this fixed github issue #42. thanks moodydeath.
* fixed an issue on i386: fixed a formatter mismatch issue in ngx_http_echo_adjust_subrequest. thanks Wang Bin. This caused incorrect subrequest Content-Length header when a body is specified.
* now in the subrequest capturing processor, we worked around an issue in ngx_http_static_module that when it issues 301 redirect for directory access w/o a trailing slash, it does not inject r->headers_out.location into the r->headers_out.headers list. thanks moodydeath for reporting it in the discussion of github issue #41.
* fixed a bug in ngx.location.capture() and ngx.location.capture_multi() that we could not capture locations with internal redirections in them. thanks moodydeath for reporting it in github issue #41.
* fixed redundant last chunk issue for ngx.exec() invocation at rewrite and access phases: we should quit the current core_run_phases cycle; this also fixed github issue #40: 2 Subrequest calls when using access_by_lua, ngx.exec and echo_location.
* fixed ngx.exit(status) where status >= 200 and status < 300 for access_by_lua* and rewrite_by_lua*: it should quit the whole request altegother and skip all those subsequent phase handlers (if any). thanks moodydeath for reporting it.
* fixed github issue #39: setting differnt response headers in Lua with common prefix might interfere with each other. thanks moodydeath.
* fixed GitHub issue #38: request headers did not forward to subrequests when the "method" or "body" option is explicitly specified by a non-nil value for ngx.location.capture(). thanks Richard Kearsley.
* fixed a bug in output header set; we should always set the header->hash to 1. thanks moodydeath for reporting it.
* fixed spots that trigger the "variable set but not used" warning issued by gcc 4.6.0.
* now we turn the ngx.req.header table into an ngx.req.get_headers() function; we also added ngx.req.set_header(name, value) and ngx.req.clear_header(name). thanks moodydeath.
* now we make ngx_devel_kit (NDK) optional. thanks Kirill A. Korinskiy.
* removed a duplicate definition of the ngx_str_set macro caught by ctags; also fixed a warning thrown by gcc -O3 on Mac OS X 10.6.
* added patch to use PCRE related Lua extensions in ngx_lua (chaoslawful)
* now we change the way we process HTTP 1.0 requests by automatically buffering all the user outputs generated by ngx.print()/ngx.say() calls, which is much more natural than the old broken way.
* fixed the "ngx.exec() after ngx.location.capture() hanging" bug for rewrite_by_lua* and access_by_lua* as well. thanks Wendal Chen.
* applied a patch from moodydeath to introduce the "ngx.is_subrequest" attribute.
* now we encourage use of the client_body_in_single_buffer directive instead of big client_body_buffer_size when lua_need_request_body is turned on.
* fixed the config script and added extra linking options needed by LuaJIT in 64-bit Mac OS X.
* fixed the zero size alert caused by ngx.print("") in Lua.
* now we always allocate r->request_body for subrequests when the method option is specified for ngx.location.capture*. this prevents accidental inheritance of parent request's request body when client_body_buffer_size < client_max_body_size.