Our repository for our Software Systems class. By Deniz Celik, Chris Wallace, and Sawyer Vaughan.
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Software Systems Calamitous Caribou

Sawyer Vaughan, Deniz Celik, Chris Wallace

This repository contains the supporting code and website for our project and exploring C exploits. We investigated a plethora of different options and implemented a few basic exploits before creating write-ups of exploiting vulnerable code at exploit-exercises.com. You can find more detailed info in our final report.

To get started with our code, read the README associated with the project for instructions on that particular program. As a base we recommend an Ubuntu VM (14.04/16.04, either is fine), with a text editor you are comfortable in and included programming libraries/languages (Python, C, gcc).

For the Protostar and Nebula exercises, see the instructions at exploit-exercises.com for how to get started.